Domestic & Personal Storage

Moving home made easy. Well, easier.
Sold your home and the moving dates haven’t quite matched up? Or are you de–cluttering to show your home in the best possible light to potential buyers? Either way, we can help. Padlocked Self Storage can help to make the move go as smoothly as possible with our storage sites.

Home, uncluttered home.
Things getting under your feet but you can’t bear to throw them away? Time to reclaim your home now the children have left? Looking for a short or long term storage solution? De-clutter with Padlocked Self Storage for a tidier, better organized home (and one that will be more attractive to potential buyers). Or if you’re not thinking of going anywhere for a while, we can help you to enjoy your space more.

Your things won’t get messy whilst you decorate.
Need to make space for decorating or home improvements? Don’t trust the builders to be gentle with your things? Want a secure place to keep your things? If you don’t want something to get damaged, store it with Padlocked Self Storage. Our secure spaces are also perfect for keeping building materials and expensive fixtures and fittings in until they’re needed.

We only ask for 14 days notice when you want to leave – which will come in handy if (and when) your project over–runs.

No waiting.
Sign today and you can use your space immediately.

No long term commitment.
You can store by the month, year or for as long as you require a storage solution. And we only ask for 14 days notice when you want to leave your self storage. Just what you need if you have no idea when a property sale or purchase is going to go through.

No paying for storage you don’t need.
We have self storage spaces from 20 sq ft to 300 sq ft or more, and we give you the flexibility to move with out penalty. You’ll only pay for the space you need. So, whether you’re safely storing a few items that you can’t bear to throw away, or you’re having a bigger clearout.

No struggling with heavy items.
Our corridors are wide, and there’s a large indoor loading bay. And we provide pallet trucks and trolleys to move your stuff.

No boxes?
We offer an extensive range of packing materials including boxes, tape and bubble wrap.

We also provide great value insurance on our storage solutions.
For total peace of mind, all our customers receive £1000.00 worth of complimentary insurance cover, further cover can be purchased at £4.75 per additional £1000.00 cover per month. Our policy is specifically designed for self storage, so you can be sure your possessions are fully protected.

No need to worry about your belongings with our secure storage.
Not only do we have 24 hour digital CCTV, We also have security and fire alarms to protect your things. All corridors are well lit.

Your things are going nowhere.
If you’re going away travelling, you want to know your personal possessions and valuable items are being well looked after. So, whether you’re renting out your home while you go away, or you’ve sold up altogether to go around the world, visit Padlocked Self Storage and check out our storage facilities.

Don’t worry if you’ve bought a one–way ticket and have no idea when you’ll be back. You can store by the month, year or for as long as you require. And we only ask for 14 days notice when you want to leave.

No struggling with heavy items.
We understand that some of our customers are putting the entire contents of their home into storage (including lots of big items like wardrobes and beds). So, our drive–up self storage rooms allow you to park right next to your door – saving on trips back and forth to your car or van. Our corridors are wide, and there’s a large loading bay. And we provide pallet trucks and large trolleys to move your stuff – you can even hire a fork lift.

No Obligation Site Visit.
Contact us now to arrange a site visit in which one of our highly trained staff will give you a tour of the facilities, explain all the security features, and help you get the space that you need.